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PROTECT YOUR WATER is a twelve-part series of short videos about the growing water crisis in the state of Florida. It is part of a multi-tiered campaign of social media, web and community outreach to raise awareness in advance of the 2018 election in a pivotal state. The dire water problems faced today by Florida are making people sick, killing animals and destroying aquatic habitats, and the citizens are rising up against the powers that be. 


Florida is just the beginning; the PROTECT YOUR WATER campaign will expand the effort to include other states suffering horrific water quality problems, from Michigan to California, Oregon to Texas, Ohio to New York and beyond. Wherever incompetent or corrupt local governments rule unchecked in settings polluted by agricultural or industrial run-off, and water managers are few and under-resourced, clean water is the first basic human need to go. 


But not everyone can afford plastic water bottles, and our environment can’t tolerate much more plastic, so this problem spreads beyond its neat category on the political spectrum and becomes an issue that we all must confront — immediately. In 2018, Florida suffered ruinous toxic algae blooms, a declaration of a State of Emergency, multiple beach closings, hundreds of people in the hospital, several huge fish kills, over 400 dead sea turtles, plus whales and manatees washed up on the beach. One of the manatees had its calf hanging on to it, trying to suckle, while the local resident filming could be heard crying in the background on the video.


This is not a blameless crime; there are villains, but they behave like teflon. Big Ag, Big Industry, real estate developers and more. Having contributed so impressively to local campaigns, they no longer have to respond to the citizens — they feel they are above the law. State and local officials enable their crimes by failing to enforce regulations, and the people are now standing up and yelling “Enough is Enough”. Florida is our new Love Canal — if the water doesn’t not get cleaned up, its economy will sink, its people will leave, and the peninsula will be returned to the swamp creatures. Goodbye, Miami, and now, Goodbye Naples, Ft Myers, Sarasota, Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Stuart. Watch out, Mickey — Disney World is next. Stay tuned. 



PRODUCER: Katie Carpenter

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Tom Fitz, Carolina Castro, Dylan Hansen, John Maidman

EDITOR: John Maidman

MUSIC: John Van Eps


PRODUCED WITH SUPPORT FROM: Munson Foundation,  Henry Foundation, Ocean Foundation