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DIRECTED BY: Mark Benjamin

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Mark Benjamin, Carole Tomko, Marc Levin,

PRODUCERS: Katie Carpenter, Dan Salmon



“MURDER AT SEA” True crime meets ocean environmental. The film opens with a multiple murder mystery; the crime scene is the tuna rich dazzling Western Central Pacific, where island nations dominate the seascape. Yet their fish stocks, their most valuable resource are being over fished by voracious distant-water fishing fleets. The murder victims are at sea marine observers, caught in the cross-fire between the industry and marine conservation. We follow the Greenpeace murder investigation to learn that their murders warn of a greater threat, global food security in jeopardy, possible fisheries collapsing and a prophecy of an empty ocean.


"MURDER AT SEA”, the high seas blue water documentary thriller will expose the true cost of unchecked industrial over fishing worldwide, the human lives sacrificed and the mounting environmental damage. “MURDER AT SEA” will change the way we think about the fish we eat and the way we think about our roles in securing the future of our oceans. For in the end, we all need to be observers.