EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Mark Benjamin, Marc Levin

SUPERVISING PRODUCER: Pagan Danielle Harleman

SERIES PRODUCER: Nicholas Burnett

PRODUCER: Virgil Dorjo

CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Daniel B. Levin, Tony Hardmon

EDITORS: Peter Schmuhl, Anne Barliant



Participant Media's cable network, pivot, presents Brick City TV's JERSEY STRONG, another hard-hitting Newark-based series from Mark Benjamin and Marc Levin, the creators of the Peabody Award-winning BRICK CITY.


JERSEY STRONG chronicles the lives of two families from parallel universes — the street and the executive suite. Reformed Blood (Jayda) and Crip (Creep) are a modern-day Romeo and Juliet romance in the hood, raising two kids while pursuing their careers and following their dreams. Brooke, a trial attorney, who once kept Jayda out of jail, is balancing the stress of high stakes litigation with the real life drama of raising two college-aged kids with her partner in life and business, Maggie. JERSEY STRONG will explore Newark’s warm center and tough exterior through the eyes of two unconventional families striving to achieve the American Dream.