EXECUTIVE PRODUCED BY: Forest Whitaker, Drew Katz, Mark Benjamin and Marc Levin

DIRECTED BY: Mark Benjamin, Marc Levin

PRODUCED BY: Jenner Furst, Yoav Attias and Nick Barnett

CO-PRODUCED BY: Karl Holland Robin, Binky Brown

CINEMATOGRAPHER: James Adolphus, Daniel Levin, Mark Benjamin

EDITOR: Jenner Furst, Eric Bruggemann, Dan Praid, Vanessa Procopio

CORY in Brick City (2019)


"I am not the kind of guy that wants to have my ship rot in the harbor, I would rather be sunk at sea than be timid and meek”


- Cory Booker 

“CORY in Brick City” is a new feature documentary with footage from the Peabody Award winning and twice EMMY-nominated eleven hour Sundance Series “Brick City”

“CORY in Brick City” is a cinema verite feature documentary with unprecedented access. Filming through Booker's years as Newark’s mayor, it shows the pain and the triumphs of a man who will stop at nothing to save his community. The film is an unflinching look at the NJ Senator’s political origins, which offers a unique insight into the leader he has become.

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