“CHASING THE THUNDER” – A high seas documentary about the 110 day chase of the Interpol purple noticed illegal fishing vessel the Thunder. The marine conservation activist organization Sea Shepherd’s Captain Peter and Captain Sid follow the Thunder for 16,000 km through Antarctic Icebergs and through the Southern Ocean storms and confrontation and sailing through the Indian Ocean and East African waters and the South Atlantic.


For over three months and across oceans, Sea Shepherd crews stalked this fugitive fishing boat considered the world’s most notorious poacher.


The environmental group trailed the Thunder in an epic game of cat and mouse, the ships maneuvered through an obstacle course of giant ice floes, endured a cyclone like storm, faced clashes between opposing crews and nearly collided in what became the longest pursuit of an illegal fishing vessel in history.


The surprise ending is the dramatic sinking of the Thunder to the bottom of the sea.

CHASING THE THUNDER” has it’s origin in the “OCEAN WARRIORS”  6 hour series that won the Best Series Award at Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.   Won the “Impact Award” at EarthXFilm Texas, the “Environmental Advocacy Award” at Ekotopfilm, and the “Best Documentary” award at the Rivera Film Festival and the Jury Prize at the Orlando Film Festival.  It was honored as a finalist in the UN World Wildlife Day event. Screening in 200 cities around the world on the International Ocean Film Tour, and screened at 35 International and US Film Festivals winning numerous Audience Awards, and 20 Special Influencer global screenings at venues including INTERPOL, WTO, UNITED NATIONS, CITIES, WWF, the IUU Global Illegal Fishing meeting in Bangkok, the film had a theatrical premiere in Beijing, China and screened at the Vienna Fish Crime Symposium and now THUNDER is streaming internationally.

Chasing the Thunder Trailer - 500,000 views on Youtube:


EXECUTIVE PRODUCED BY: Paul G. Allen, Carole Tomko, Rocky Collins

DIRECTED BY: Mark Benjamin, Marc Levin

PRODUCERS: Katie Carpenter, Adam Schleifer, Sam Sielen

EDITORS: Daniel Coda, Giancarlo Baldino