DIRECTED BY: Marc Levin, Mark Benjamin

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Mark Benjamin, Marc Levin & Forest Whitaker



EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS (Sundance): Evan Shapiro, Sarah Barnett, Michael Klein

CO-PRODUCER: Jenner Furst


CAMERA OPERATORS: Mark Benjamin, Daniel B. Levin

SERIES FILM EDITING BY: Jenner Furst, Daniel Praid & Vanessa Procopio

BRICK CITY 2 (2011)

In Season 2 of the engaging and dramatic series BRICK CITY, change is a rollercoaster of exhilarating highs and heart-in-the-mouth plunges.  Sundance Channel’s Peabody Award-winning series returns to Newark, New Jersey’s largest city, to explore a question that people everywhere can understand:  how do you continue to change yourself, your community, your city when the setbacks come fast and furious?  The six one-hour episodes of BRICK CITY follow Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Police Director Garry McCarthy and Newark citizens from across the socioeconomic spectrum to tell a story of resilience, resolve and optimism in the face of political, economic, and personal upheaval.   


The first season of BRICK CITY concluded with the 2008 presidential election and the birth of a baby on New Year’s Eve.  Violent crime was down sharply and, despite the financial meltdown and the looming budget crisis, there was optimism in the air.  The new season picks up the thread in October 2009 as the political pendulum is swinging and the challenges facing Newark are mounting.  Mayor Booker is seeking a second term, and he’s also looking to settle down.  After years in a bachelor pad, he’s finally bought a home, a grand old beauty in dire need of repair.  The 2010 campaign season does not begin auspiciously for the mayor: the mortgage crisis is boiling, a former deputy is indicted, and the opposition lambastes him in the streets and on the campaign trail.  Booker’s opponents are also targeting his Bronx-born Police Director, Garry McCarthy, who in spite of a great track record, is viewed with deep suspicion by many in Newark.  In the midst of all this, Booker and his team are grappling with the city’s groaning deficit and the drastic cuts needed to reduce it.


Change on the personal level is every bit as dramatic and unpredictable.  For Dashaun “Jiwe” Morris – gang memoirist, charismatic youth mentor, devoted family man — the turnaround has been profound.  But now, everything he loves and has worked for is at stake: he’s been charged with attempted murder.  Jiwe has a formidable ally in his defense attorney, Brooke Barnett, a fearless, funny dynamo who works and plays at full tilt.  Brooke has made some big changes in her life, too; the self-described free spirit is happily in love and living with her new partner, Maggie.  Meanwhile, non-active gang members Jayda and Creep are busy with an adorable infant daughter, two bright grade school-age children and Jayda’s burgeoning non-profit mentoring program, Nine Strong Women.  But there are factions on both sides of the law that would be just as happy to see the couple fail.